Fierce and tough as the harsh lands of Corvana.


Name:* Larkin

Race: Wargoyle

Class: Monk in Mechanic (Claw, Tail, and Wing Fighting in flavor/theme)

Origin: Larkin is a stange creature that has been created for a reason he is unaware of. His memories are pieced together of random events of blood and pain.

He sleeps in a dormant miniature state and is awakened for reasons unknown to him across the ages. Today’s day marks the 100th year of his existence to the day. In all those 100 years he has been ‘awake’ not even 100 days.

The sleep then raging war, sleep again and raging war have left him scattered and addled at best. If he is to ever gain full competency he wishes nothing more to find out what he truly is and why he ‘is’.

Heroism: Larkin is a fierce warrior and while he is not certain to as what exactly he is whether he was born or created he is drawn to battle like a moth to a flame. There is something fierce and unrelenting deep within him. While the lust for battle is always there his desperation to believe that he is a creation of good makes him fight harder against that which appears to be of evil.
(Although his limited life experiences make it hard for him to truly tell between the two)

Character Motivation: Above all else he seeks to be free of the stone sleep and restore his mind to a more stable state of awareness.
(his memory becomes shattered each sleep and awakening is like a massive puzzle that rarely has all the pieces)


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