Silver Heart Adventure

After dealing with Nestor, Jurgen agrees the team will undertake yet another mission under the employ of Black Light Burns. Treasures found from Carl are appraised to be worth around 300-420 gold. Jurgen agrees to sell it to Nestor for 220 angering Quiron. Quiron and Jurgen get into a heated discussion with Nestor ok with the bloodspilling so long as its not in the building. He also offers to promote the event assuming his desired item is in his hands. The mission: not too far from the bordertown of New Haven is an old Mansion once owned by the ancient Channel Lord adventurer Thizban. Nestor agrees to give the adventurers 50% of their take, 25% goes to him and the other 25% goes to Black Light Burns. The team fights and feuds with Quiron refusing to give in about the gold until Nestor agrees to pay the full 400 assuming the Silverheart, the item he so desired from the mansion is brought to him.
Jurgen and Eric nearly depart on their own until Quiron requests for them to stay and agrees to let bygons be bygons. Nestor adds an indentured man, a shadow elf named Novin. And the team then embarks on the quest. It’s the first day of Kanthus, the 3 month, an insufferably hot month with light rain constantly pouring down.
After four days, the team makes it to the old mansion completely covered fog. Larken has a history lesson when two wargoyle statues come to life claiming he is the blooded descendant of the great King Of the Night, the Gargoyle King Gaiyremynceth. The two wargoyles let them pass with no problems. The sound of a group of something moving closer is heard but nothing is done about it. The team decides to enter through the second story window. After searching a few rooms, they encounter a greenhouse style room where a vicious fight against several ghouls ensues.
Afterwards, the team begins slowly scattering and opening doors. The greenhouse room proves useful when 2 gold and a ring of defenses (+1 all defenses) is found and given to Quiron. Another room is entered where a key is seen hovering over a platform. Pillars come to life creating creatures queer to them all. It was Larken who decided not to enter through the magical door but break in through the wall. Its found out magic runs through every piece of wood and most doors in the mansion and shortly after they enter, the wall grows back at the command of one of the creatures. (noob saibot looking creatures doused in black oily substances etc)
The team is split up yet again. Larken, Eric, Yurgen are locked out. (i believe another one of you guys was with them)
The team inside, (Quiron, Novin, Godric, and Mandrake) fight against the creatures. Mandrake vanishes from sight and Godrick is knocked out and nearly killed. Mandrake takes the stairs going down and finds a small pouch. It’s a trap and a revolving cage of force and electrical currents zap him until he falls nearly lifeless (unconscious). The remaining members of the team regroup and get in the main room and the key is finally obtained by Novin after several magical attempts fail. Mandrake is still missing. Before falling, Godrick, who’d by now been dropped twice, also against the ghouls was one that saw him go downstairs. He begins heading downstairs to see if he can find out what happened to the hiding merchant.

Godric rushes down just in time to see the FORCE CAGE disappear along with Mandrake. (youtube Techmo’s deception force cage if u want to see what it looks like)

Mandrake awakens in a stone room, cold and dark. The smell of death is everywhere. Looking about he sees he is chained to the wall. The room isn’t too small or too big but scattered wooden coffins lay scattered throughout the room. On an adjacent wall, he sees a woman chained just as him. His vision is still blurred. He feels the warmth of a soothing liquid racing down his face. The woman sees saddened by his appearance as if she felt sorry for him. Her face was scarred as was her body. She’d seen her share of combat or torture. A single iron door shuts. Mandrake hadn’t even noticed it until it shut, on the outside, the woman and Mandrake can hear an incantation style voice singing.

“The blood of a woman, the eye of a killer
one more time and engage this thriller
The teeth of a cat, the scales of a fish,
dream of a wish, sight me on sight,
you’ll never picture this.
And talking reverse,
then it shall appear
standing in front of me
with a smile ear to ear….”

The voice ends descending further and further away. His evil laugh becomes muffled and almost nothing.

Escape from Vault City

And the story unfolds further. After escaping Measurous’ dungeon, the word is out for several recent escapees, including you all. All are cut except you. Most of you find your way to the Seaside Inn which is said to have its own set of rules. Luck, strategy, and chance get all of you regrouped and out of Vault City at the expense of one left behind, Amarel. After hiding and pretending to be a beggar and bum on the street, he is found out and immediately executed for his part in the crimes against the city and the Alabaster nation. Primarily, he is executed for the murdering of guards, Especially Berak amongst the higher ranking ones.
As a group, it’s decided that Dragas will live yet another day as its not a prime decision to chance a fight with him just yet. Jurgen snags game the first day for you all. You’re fed but barely and still hungry. The figurine of Wargoyle falls from the sky and finds it way into Eric’s grasp. Immediately, the team decides to move and move far away from the city. They decide to split the mountain chains and take their chances upon the rolling hills. Not much game to hunt and in the open, what little game is available generally is able to escape. It’s blistering hot and rare rains are the only think keeping you from dehydrating. Three weeks of staying on the move and the remaining outlaws find their bodies withered and beaten. You have virtually no food and little game is able to be acquired. Roots and scarce berries keep your stomachs from imploding so to speak.
Then, as you march on what you think is to be your last day, Jurgen, Eric, Mandrake, Godric, and Quiron spot a traveling troope of human guards, brecht in blood, guarding heavily a traveling upscale stagecoach. The team decides to parlay and Mandrake is the only to speak their language. The team requests rations and get an offer at highway price, the team believes 1 gold for 1 day’s meals is too much, even for the highway and settle for 1 gold for two days’ meals. Eventually, the team comes out to spending 5 gold each to get enough rations to make it through the rolling hills and close to a village on the border of the Avanil Regency. (this is the regency where the Imperial City of Anuire and the Anuire Province does exist.) Jurgen to Nestor, a Rjurik leader of the brothel that offers 1/3 the gold owed by three men who take part but refuse to pay. Without question, they agree.
Jurgen gets the rest of the team onboard and move that night to the small huts where the members are said to each have their own private chambers. The first two, Brand and Calder are too drugged to do anything and are killed while the women dancing are told not to speak a word of it. The last, Karl, is ready and a blasted trap of gas, fire, and poison nearly drops Eric. The eladrin vanished through the window and the chase is on. A scattered team does what it can but each time Karl hits, he teleports the target high dropping them hard to the ground. Eventually, after Eric and Godric are nearly killed, the team successfully takes out the last of the three targets.
Several rings worn exploded and turned to dust during the fight leaving him without any left. He does have other basic jewelry and very nicely stitched robes and courtier’s clothes. They’re mostly reds, yellows, and whites. Godric took firewood from Calder to barter with at the general store. Bags of wood were emptied to use to take the heads. A third bag is needed and wraps up Karl’s head. Eric and Godric are stabilized and the team sees village guards, citizens, and travelers looking on from various directions (I rolled how many rounds it would take before people and saw, you ended combat the round they showed up). They’re too frightened and don’t want to deal with it so they turn their head and slowly pretend nothing is wrong and go back to their regular lives. Night is setting in.
Jurgen leads the group, after stripping Karl of all his prized possessions, back to the building of Black Light Burns


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